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85 Augustulus

November 11th, 2017

85_Augustulus.jpgThis is the end - my only friend - the end. Orestes has a plan to start a new golden age. It involves his son being the emperor, plus about a thousand problems magically going away.

Spoiler warning: he fails. But find out how!

Also: We figure out when the West was doomed to fail, plus whose fault it was!

Also: find out who would the public vote for the spare Je Na Caesar place.

And finally: we draw the rounds for the epic battle that will start next week! 

84 Nepos

November 4th, 2017


Ok, seriously, someone needs to step up. Who can sort this mess out? What about the son of Majorians general, the nephew of one of the best generals of the age, the nephew of Leo, supported by Zeno and the east, a man with links to Syagrius and the Friendly Franks, a man who has been running Dalmatia very well for the last couple of years. He sounds good! 

Time for him to stand in the surf and demand the tide retreat... 

83 Glycerius

November 4th, 2017


Ricimer is dead, the man behind the throne for the last two decades. Rome needs someone to fill his shoes, someone as cunning, as ruthless, as capable. Instead it was stuck with Glycerius. Oh well... 

82 Olybrius

October 28th, 2017


Ok, the empire is falling, it is over run, there is no hope. But then up steps this man! Sure, he is a handy puppet caught in a vast game of politics between Ricimer and Leo, but that does not mean he can't make his mark on history! Sorry? Oh, it does mean that? oh. That's a shame.

81 Anthemius

October 21st, 2017


He was destined to achieve great things, almost emperor of the East, then actual emperor of the West. With East and West unified once more and with the backing of his good friend Leo, how could Anthemius possibly lose? As long as he does nothing to annoy Ricimer, it will all be fine...

Also: Jamie has a new toy! And everyone should be kind and encourage his creativeness - he has been practising all week. 

80 Severus III

October 14th, 2017


Severus III! The third of the Severuses. Watch as he singlehandedly rest- oh, sorry Ricimer, Didn't see you there. You want this episode to yourself? Oh, of course you can. Do you mind if we keep the title Severus III though? Just to keep things neat. Cheers. 

79 Majorian

October 7th, 2017


The west is gulping the last of the air that it can get into its lungs. Calling it an empire is now merely an insult to empires everywhere. Britain is gone, the Danube is gone, Spain is gone, Africa is gone, and Gaul... Gaul looks shaky. But what's this? One last ditch attempt to restore the might of the Roman Empire? Will it succeed? There is less than 20 years till the Fall of the West, so you can probably guess the answer. But in the meantime, look how good Majorian looks while swinging an axe...

78 Avitus

September 23rd, 2017



A little known emperor that had a chance to turn the Roman Empire back towards the golden age...

Oh, the Empire is due to end in 20 years.... He has a deadline and he needs to be fast.

77 Petronius Maximus

September 15th, 2017


Petronius had big dreams, by day he was a loyal senator, helping Valentinian keep the empire ticking over, but by night: by night he was scheming and plotting and planning and cackling. He was going to rule the empire, and when he did, he would show them all! Nothing would stop him! He was not scared of anyone or anything! Sorry? Who are coming? The Vandals... oh. oh dear. 


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