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News and schedule update

September 14th, 2019

A little bit of news, and info about when the next Emperor episode will be out (don't worry, it's on its way!)

123 Alexander II

August 3rd, 2019


Here he is! The one you have been waiting for! it's Alexan- who? Oh, sorry. No one has ever been waiting for Alexander II. But here is an episode on him anyway!

122 Leo VI The Wise

July 20th, 2019


Leo the Wise has Daddy issues. Mainly, he does not know if his daddy is the man who hates him, or the man who the man who hates him murdered. He is not treated well my his supposed father, but when a tragic hunting accident propels Leo to the throne... well, it's time for a bit of payback.

121 Basil

July 6th, 2019


There were many prophecies that foretold of Basil's rise, unfortunately no one believed them. But then he managed to make friends with a drunk emperor and the world suddenly seemed so much full of opportunity.

120 Michael III The Drunk

June 22nd, 2019


He is young, he is in love, and he is very drunk. His uncle keeps banging on about something to do with the patriach and the pope. He is fairly certain some vikings were around not too long ago, or was that his mistress? Hmmm. It’s all a bit of a blur. It’s a good thing good-old Basil is here to help him out…

119 Theodora

June 1st, 2019


Theodora has an opportunity: her Iconoclast husband is dead, her son, the emperor is 2 years old. Here she is, a female regent in a world that does not accept female regents. So why not attempt to change the religious doctrine that has been followed for years? Wha't the worst that can happen? 

118 Theophilos

May 18th, 2019


Audio apology: The first 8 mins has a slight crackle in it. Jeff was in charge of sound this week. Sorry.

The son of Micael II, the Godson of Leo V, Theophilos has a vision for the empire, and it is not what his parent's generation necessarily wanted. He was going to be a wise ruler, taking lessons from the mighty Al-Rashid - the wise and benevolent ruler of a caliphate entering a golden age. He would rule just as Al-Rashid did and - what's that? Al-Rashid's son is invading? Oh. Damn. 

117 Michael II

May 4th, 2019


The Story of Leo, Michael and Thomas comes to end in this exciting episode of Totalus Rankium. Was the prophecy of the monk-in-a-cave-up-a-pole correct? How did Thomas die? Was it horribly? Horribly, horribly? And just how important is Crete and Sicily anyway?

116 Leo V

April 20th, 2019


Leo, Michael and Thomas are three friends that share a prophesy - Leo and Michel will rule and Thomas will die horribly - horribly horribly. So when Leo sees his chance to usurp the old emperor, he goes for it! But now he has his good friend Banquo - I mean Michael - to worry about. Find out what happens in this week’s Totalus Rankium! 

Publius Annoucus - Senate Preview Episode

March 30th, 2019

This episode is 10 clips from the first 10 of our Roman Republic Totalus Rankium podcast, available to all our senate members for as little as one dollar a month!

Caesar, Sulla, Marius, Tiberius Gracchus, Gaius Gracchus, Drusus, Cleopatra, Marcus Antonius, Fulvia and Clodius!  

Want to listen to the whole episodes? follow the link and follow the instruction on the page!

115 Michael

March 16th, 2019


Let’s round of the Nikephorian dynasty with Michael, the first of that name. We are sure Michael achieved many things in life, things that he was very proud of. It’s a shame none were recorded. We know little, and what we do know is… well, see for yourselves.

114 Staurakios

March 2nd, 2019


Nikephoros, his father, is dead. Now a young, brave Starakios must take the reigns of the empire and lead it to a new Golde- Sorry? His neck is leaking? Head almost off? He's dead? Oh. Ok then, NEXT!

113 Nikephoros

March 2nd, 2019


And so the glorious reign of the Nikephorian dynasty begins. There are only three of them, but there were only three Flavians, and they did well! So who knows, maybe this bunch will bring the empire to a new golden age. We start with Nikephoros himself. All he has to do is deal with the Caliphate and the new king of all the Bulgars: Krum. how has can that be?

112 Constantine VI

February 16th, 2019


Today we go back over the reign of Irene, but this time through the eyes (excuse the pun) of her unfortunate son, Constantine. Was he as useless as he looked (sorry) last episode? Or will we see him (too soon?) in a new light? Find out!

111 Irene

February 2nd, 2019


Our first female emperor is finally here! And it only took 110 men and 800 years to get here! So how will Irene shape up? It's tough breaking the mould, and unfortunately for her, there are a lot of people standing around worried about her lack of 'advantage'. Will she be able to overcome this? or will the rift with her son end is disaster? 

110 Leo IV

January 19th, 2019


Poo-face is dead, now his young son must take over and (cough cough) take up the mantle (cough). He will need determination and courage to tackle (cough cough) the issues of the (cough hack hack) day. Find out how he does! (Is... Is that blood? Oh. Oh dear.)

Also, this week we recommend for all your popey goodness. Check them out!

109 Constantine V The Dung Named

January 5th, 2019


Constantine Pooface. The fifth of that name (actually sixth, but shhh). He started life pooing in the alter of the Hagia Sophia and then went on to rule the empire for decades. Unfortunately for him, he ruled during a time of few sources, and those that remain hated him. But what was he really like? We have no idea. but we can always speculate! 

108 Artabasdos

January 1st, 2019


Surprise! It's a short episode about Artabasdos. We were not sure if he deserved an episode, but he got one. Now we are less sure he deserved an episode... oh well...

107 Leo III

December 15th, 2018


At last the 20 years anarchy draws to an end, but only because one man was able to grab the reins and reign well for a couple of decades (in the the rain?) Find out how Leo did this, but also what he did to rip the very stability he produced apart. Oh, and there is rumour of Poo Pie. 

106 Theodosius III

November 17th, 2018


Welcome to the wonderful reign of Theodosius III. The man who led the Opsikians to revolt. Ok, no one actually asked if he wanted to. And now he is emperor, no one is stopping to ask him what he wants. In fact, the only thing anyone is asking seems to be: "Did you hear? Leo is on the way..."

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