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13 Nerva

July 30th, 2016


The Senate finally get one of their men in! At long last the emperor is on the side of the group of old men in sheets rather than angry men with pointy things... nothing can go wrong... surely?

Also find out about:
The easiest siege in history!
The worst Forum in history!
The best detective agency in history!
And much much more...


12 Domitian

July 23rd, 2016

12_Domitian.jpgThe Flies! The Flies! Domitian had a number of problems growing up, mainly the fact that his family kept dying or ignoring him. He was the son to the most powerful man in the world, so why wasn’t ever allowed to do anything? It was just so unfair! Then, thanks to the untimely death of his brother he suddenly found him self in charge of the whole empire! The world was his! If only those pesky flies would stop bothering him… 

11 Titus

July 17th, 2016

11_Titus.jpgVespasian is dead... Who could replace him? The Nero-esque son? surly not! Not with the mountains exploding and the cities burning and the plague plaguing. Will Titus be able to cope? find out in this weeks episode...

10 Vespasian

July 9th, 2016

Father Flav. Founder of the Flavian Dynasty. He sat on the sides watching Rome rip itself apart and scooped in at the end to pick up the pieces. Does this make him a hero or a coward? Learn how he won a triumph T-shirt, how he could heal the blind by spitting on them and how he started train stations charging to go to the toilet... 

09 Vitellius

July 3rd, 2016

The Roman world is in crisis. It needs a strong leader, someone to steady the ship, to allow people to retain their hope for the future... That man is on his way! Until he gets here however, we have this week's Emperor to get through. It's Vitellius. Liked by his troops if no one else, he was a man who knew how to party. He was a good friend of both Caligula and Nero... this is possibly all you need to know to guess how well his reign went. 


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