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27 Alexander

November 5th, 2016


What do you do when your pushy mother and 40,000 armed men say you should be emperor? Well, you do what Alexander did. he was only 13, and faced with an empire on the brink of disaster. Can he righten the sinking ship? Can he pull the Empire from the edge of a crisis?... no. But he can certainly die trying!  

26 Elagabalus

October 29th, 2016


Bassianus to his mother, Antoninus to the troops (sort of), 'The Assyrian' behind his back and Elagabalus to history. This is one emperor who has made a name (or several) for himself. But who is the man (boy) behind the myth? Did he kill boys? (Probably not) Did he throw cattle at people? (maybe not) Did he invent the Whoopie Cushion? (Yes). What we do know is that the senate hated him. And they have the quills...

25 Macrinus

October 22nd, 2016


He did what he had to do to survive... he killed an emperor. Good news: he got away with it! Bad news: he is now emperor. And there is an angry Parthian king wanting to know about this little invasion thing that happened a few weeks ago. And the family of the last emperor is not too pleased. And nor is the senate. Oh well, time to roll up those sleeves and tell the army that they are having a pay cut...

24 Caracalla

October 15th, 2016


Can the empire survive now that it down to just one emperor? Will it cope? Well, it should be fine as long as the man in charge in hard working - check; dedicated to the troops - check; looks to keep the empire protected - check; and doesn't massacre entire cities at the drop of a hat due to one person mentioning his brother... ah. Maybe Caracalla isn't the best man for the job... But he does have a fetching floor-length cloak with a hood that he can stand around looking evil in - that is that.

23 Geta

October 14th, 2016


Severus is dead, and he leaves behind two sons to rule the empire. One problem... The brothers despise each other. We mean really, really hate each other. This is no only-talk-at-christmas-to-keep-mother-happy kind of fall out, this is full-on let's-hire-guards-to-watch-me-sleep-as-I-dont-think-i'll-wake-up-otherwise kind of hate. Let's see how they get on trying to run an empire...

22 Septimius Severus

October 7th, 2016

In the year that held 5 possible emperors, only one would come out on top! Who would was anyone's guess... Well, sort of... No one expected Julianus to last. And Pertinax obviously was upsetting too many Praetorians. Oh, and Albinus clearly was not in a strong enough position without the backing of the German legions. And as for Niger, well he just needed to get a bloody move on! But still, the empire was up for grabs and one man saw a way to take it, re-mould it and hand it to the next generation with pride...


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