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10 Vespasian

July 9th, 2016

Father Flav. Founder of the Flavian Dynasty. He sat on the sides watching Rome rip itself apart and scooped in at the end to pick up the pieces. Does this make him a hero or a coward? Learn how he won a triumph T-shirt, how he could heal the blind by spitting on them and how he started train stations charging to go to the toilet... 

09 Vitellius

July 3rd, 2016

The Roman world is in crisis. It needs a strong leader, someone to steady the ship, to allow people to retain their hope for the future... That man is on his way! Until he gets here however, we have this week's Emperor to get through. It's Vitellius. Liked by his troops if no one else, he was a man who knew how to party. He was a good friend of both Caligula and Nero... this is possibly all you need to know to guess how well his reign went. 

08 Otho

June 25th, 2016

08_Otho.jpgOtho! He was a man with a dream, a simple dream... a dream to become the most powerful man in the world! Did he succeed? Or did a combination of sailors, traffic jams, moody guards and incompetent generals let him down? find out in this week's episode of Roman Emperors: Totals Rankium! 

07 Galba

June 17th, 2016

07_Galba.jpgStrict. If you were to choose one adjective from the multitude of adjectives available, strict would be the one that you would use (knowing full well that Gala would appreciate the subjunctive form). So what if he is the first of four emperors in 69CE? So what that he doesn't last long? Who cares if he is clearly a public school headmaster from 1950's England in disguise? All that needs to be answered is, does he have a certain Je Na Caesar? (and why, oh why, did he not just pay the bloody Praetorian Guard a damn bonus?) 


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