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118 Theophilos

May 18th, 2019


Audio apology: The first 8 mins has a slight crackle in it. Jeff was in charge of sound this week. Sorry.

The son of Micael II, the Godson of Leo V, Theophilos has a vision for the empire, and it is not what his parent's generation necessarily wanted. He was going to be a wise ruler, taking lessons from the mighty Al-Rashid - the wise and benevolent ruler of a caliphate entering a golden age. He would rule just as Al-Rashid did and - what's that? Al-Rashid's son is invading? Oh. Damn. 

117 Michael II

May 4th, 2019


The Story of Leo, Michael and Thomas comes to end in this exciting episode of Totalus Rankium. Was the prophecy of the monk-in-a-cave-up-a-pole correct? How did Thomas die? Was it horribly? Horribly, horribly? And just how important is Crete and Sicily anyway?


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