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20 Pertinax

September 24th, 2016


Hurrah! The mad man is dead! now it is time to usher in a new Golden Age! An age of reason and understanding, with no corruption and where everyone works to help fulfil the potential might of the empire. These were the thoughts of Pertinax when he took the helm of the empire, unfortunately for him, it turns out that quite a lot of people like corruption in the empire. It means you can do things like get rich at other people's expense. Hopefully Pertinax has a good speech up his sleeve to convince these people that the honest path is the right path...

19 Commodus

September 17th, 2016


What's that? You are bored of all these competent emperors running the show with diligence and enthusiasm? You wish the days of Caligula? Where a man would fear an invitation to dinner as much being forced to fight in the arena? Fear not! Commodus is here! He was a mad as a box of frogs, and lasted four times longer than his brother in sanity; Caligula. Find out what was in 'The Poo Dish', what to do with a hundred lions, who not to go to surgery for and how it was possible to go from the Golden Age of Rome to an utter mess in just over a decade. 


18 Marcus Aurelius

September 10th, 2016

18_Marcus_Aurelius.jpgMarcus Aurelius. He had a tough life what with everyone in the world dying around him. All he wanted to do was curl up with a good book, but fate had other things in store for him. Those things included him freezing in a tent surrounded by angry barbarians. Poor Marcus. But if there is one thing that Marcus knows how to do well, it’s DEALING WITH IT. 


17 Lucius Verus

September 3rd, 2016

17_Lucius_Verus.jpgHadrian wanted Marcus to rule. Antoninus Pius wanted Marcus to rule. The senate wanted Marcus to rule. Marcus wanted to read his books so asked his little brother for some help. Fortunately for the empire, Marcus' brother was Lucius Verus; a man who had great qualities such as loving drink, gambling, chariot racing and beating people up in taverns... oh... hang on... That's not a good sign is it?