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16 Antoninus Pius

August 27th, 2016

16_Anoninus_Pius.jpgAntonius Pius ws well known for doing just about nothing for 23 years. Great for his subjects, less good for historians who want a juicy story. However, we dive into his life to see if there was anything of interest in his life. Find out: All bout the mythical talking dogs! How a bunch of students changed the course of history! Who build that ditch in Scotland! and much more! 

 ALSO - special bonus review of the film Gladiator at the end of the episode recorded when we should possibly have put down the drink and gone to bed.

15 Hadrian

August 13th, 2016

15_Hadrian.jpgThe third of the Five Good Emperors, Hadrian is one of the most well known of all the emperors. Mainly due to a wall be probably never thought of again after ordering its construction. But what else does Hadrian have to offer? Was he all good? Why did he start a religion? Why did he grow a beard? Why was he angry when his doctor killed himself? So he built a wall. And he had a beard. But does he have... it? 

14 Trajan

August 6th, 2016

14_Trajan.jpgLong ago, a wise man said that the boundaries of the empire should remain static, that it was at it's largest extent. So wise was this man that his name became synonymous with the title of the Emperor. Augustus said it was so, so it was... Until Trajan thought - nah. Let's go and invade some people! Find out hoe Brian Blessed faired against the might of the Empire, How to kill someone with a polite horse and who discovered the tomato! 


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